Patricia Buckley was born in Sussex and and won a scholarship to West Sussex College of Art, then moved to London where she attended very inspiring painting classes run by Leslie Cole, Head of Fine Art at the Central School of Art. Later, Patricia met an American artist, Myron Barnstone, who opened her eyes to the geometry within Art and Nature.

The first painting she framed was shown in the Royal Academy summer exhibition. She exhibited in many exhibitions before obtaining a degree in Fine Art (Painting) at Kingston University in 1987. She attended Brighton University 1991-92 PGCE in Art Education.

After her first visit to New York, Patricia spent some years painting her large imaginative work that expresses her feelings for the city. In 2000 she moved from North West London where she had lived for many years to a riverside flat near Teddington Lock. Patricia has painted the river view from her window which faces Ham Riverside and the obelisk. She has also made many trips to Ventnor and painted the sunrise over the sea from an apartment window.

After recovering from a serious illness Patricia received a grant in 1995 which enabled her to visit Italy several times and paint landscapes and window views in Tuscany. In 2002 the artist made a "Big trip" solo, visiting friends and family in America, New Zealand and Australia doing small paintings and sketches in watercolour enroute. Following this trip she made imaginative works about Ayres Rock and Australia.

Patricia has a great love of Italy and the renaissance artists and also admires Balthus, Morandi, Gwen John, Monet, Turner and Palmer. She respects Lucien Freud and Hockney and contemporary figurative artists who uphold the tradition of painting from life in the face of a world dominated by new technology.

Patricia's work has undergone many changes from figurative to complete abstraction and back to the present imaginative/figurative style. She has experimented with many different mediums including oils, watercolours, pastels, etching, soft sculpture, ceramics, video and photography, all of which she enjoyed, but painting and drawing are her preference.
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